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   June 2007

01: Jesus Camp - I realize that the brand of religion portrayed is ahistorical.
02: the path from childhood to sexual fantasy - Henry Darger and the phases of pubescent fantasy.
03: fallout shelter in the rug - Thunderstorms and silicone caulk.
04: hot water on demand - I buy a water cooler to provide hot water on demand.
05: no rototiller needed - We weed a decorative garden area adjacent to our house.
06: perfect diplomatic approach - A friend fires the husband of a friend in the most diplomatic way possible.
07: blueberry knoll - Gretchen and I continue our gardening jihad.
08: Paris Hilton tax - One of the biggest, most bi-partisan outpourings of schadenfreude in the history of the United States.
09: reason, in some small way - Being born before or after certain crucial moments in world history.
10: secular Sunday - Though I do drive by a new evangelical church.
11: energy non-star - I insulate my Sunbeam water cooler's innards.
12: the gay bomb and don't ask don't tell - How the gay bomb fits in with the 90s military paradigm in America.
13: usually and unintentionally unfunny - Not rooting for the Christian bitch in Jeopardy!
14: wall wart waste - A smallish energy jihad.
15: Gretchen's first tattoo - She gets a Kurt Vonnegut quote embedded in her skin.
16: saved by a thunderstorm - A picnic becomes a logistical nightmare.
17: stylistic dissonance - Not being a flower child at an environmetal festival.
18: atheism, altruism, and love - These days we really don't have to resort to the supernatural to explain the awe-inspiring.
19: the Authoritarian Model of Information Value - Darwinism is the scientific method as applied by nature.
20: a couple minutes of superiority - Watching American Inventor.
21: maddening rub somewhere - Putting drawers in a set of steps.
22: entertainment in the future - I visit John in Philadelphia and we take Vicadin and watch Sicko.
23: tiny sliver of the reality-basis - Hearing a work-talk that sounds like it is spoken in a foreign language.
24: Geek Squad, FireDog, and Nerd Patrol - A big box adventure in suburban Philadelphia.
25: papier mâché as a structural material - In this case I use it to conceal a set of insulated hydronic pipes passing through my laboratory.
26: electrical waste jihad dividends - The value of lots of insulation and efficient electrical appliances on a hot summer day.
27: how to avoid romanticizing the past - Just keep doing a little of what you used to do on the side.
28: temporary tramp stamps for men - Also, the downside of dining out in a small community.
29: gathering - Getting free firewood, free black raspberries, and getting together with friends.
30: gringo party at the pupuseria - Ray's 40th birthday bash at a Salvadoran restaurant in Kingston, NY.