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   how to avoid romanticizing the past
Wednesday, June 27 2007
The heat wave continued today and for some reason I ended up doing one of those computer housecalls I used to do. It took place in a non-air-conditioned ranch-style house up in Saugerties. I hadn't had much caffeine or food and was feeling neurologically fatigued. For some reason the brand new laptop I was working on refused to be serviced by a DHCP server inside one of those consumer four-port routers, a symptom I almost never encounter. On top of that, the house's telephone kept ringing in a gratingly not-quite-fully-retro ring with news updates of the rapidly declining health of the man of the house's aging mother. My head was throbbing, my back was sweating, and I was thinking, "My life has improved so much since I went back to web development." It's useful to still have my foot in that bad old world if only to keep me from romanticizing it the way I do everything else in my past. Similarly, it would be good to still be somewhat involved (that would probably have to be in the Biblical sense) with my old girlfriends so as to prevent me from remembering only the good things about them.

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