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Wednesday, July 25 2007
Gretchen roadtripped today to Danbury, Connecticut with our friend Tara because Tara was having trouble with her Macintosh and the nearest Apple store is in Danbury. Coincidently, the nearest Trader Joe's is also in Danbury, and this was the place Gretchen was eager to visit while they were there. Meanwhile I'd taken 60 mg of pseudoephedrine to help me blast through some programming. But I ended up spending most of my time on an absurd comma-delimited-value export for a database. You should have seen the ugly data structure that had been requested - it was such a mess that I found myself comparing it to the translation of one natural language to another.

This evening Gretchen and I watched a two-hour segment of American Inventor, the inventor-recruitment reality show based on the American Idol format. Tonight the six finalists were given $50,000 each to develop their ideas, create better prototypes, and perhaps do some market research. At the end three of the six were eliminated, and we were treated to the classic prolonged reality-show pre-verdict-announcement pause. During one such pause I joked to Gretchen that there should be a reality show called AIDS Test Results. (It's only funny because there's a cocktail!)

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