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Saturday, October 13 2007
Ray and Nancy were hanging out with me for awhile late this morning and I was showing them all the latest things, such as the urinal, the shelving hidden behind paintings and monitors, and all the things my desk can do. Ray had actually seen these things before, but they were new for Nancy. Ray also insisted that I demonstrate the wheelchair tricks that I have mastered.

While Gretchen, Ray, and Nancy were off on a drive up to Hudson and back, I fixed Ray's laptop, which had been dead for months. It hadn't been able to boot off its CD drive, but even a replacement drive didn't fix the problem. I ended up having to take the hard drive out and reformat it in another computer, and, strangely, when I returned this hard drive to Ray's computer, it regained the ability to boot from its CD drive again, meaning I could install anything I wanted to on it. I would have gone on to install all the Presario 3000 device drivers on it too, but HP's support for "discontinued" Compaq laptops is spotty at best and particularly bad for the "budget" models such as Ray's unattractively overlarge Presario 3000. (Why, by the way, should I care whether a device has been "discontinued" when I go in search of drivers? Given the brief liftimes of most products, it's rare for a piece of equipment to not be discontinued by the time I start using it.)

This evening the four of us went to the Garden Café in Woodstock, which was crammed with people attending the Woodstock Film Festival. It was a chilly autumn evening and "Garden" couldn't use its outdoor space, so the staff were forced to turn away all the hip vegan filmmakers whp'd failed to get reservations.
Later we walked around the village looking in store windows. We briefly considered crashing a champagne party, and later decided we didn't want to hear the youthful band playing at the Colony Café. We stood outside in the alley (the "cheap seats") and didn't really like what we heard. They sounded like Bob Dylan by way of Hootie and those Blowfish.

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