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   November 2007

01: - An attempt to promote Republicans without using that tainted word.
02: an easy solder and a painfully difficult one - The cut end of copper pipe provides a slightly-snugger fit.
03: firepit yard sale - Hanging out in the cold with our friends Penny and David selling things in greater Marbletown.
04: - An attempt to promote Republicans without using that tainted word.
05: hissing sound of defeat - Fixing another failed solder on my home made solar panel.
06: understandbly dubious - The crest on and a slow computer at the neighbors' house.
07: if(IsAlreadyPlural) {forceSingular} - Fun new English parsing code for my generic table editing system.
08: blackholes of punishment - Cellphone incident at Eastern Correctional facility.
09: veggie burgers in Scranton - Another road trip to Pittsburgh.
10: torahs and chromosomes - The similarity between the Word of God and genetic information.
11: peer to a three year old - The key is participation without condescension.
12: temperature debt - Returning from Pittsburgh to a cold house.
13: glass hauling with Sally - Driving with the steering wheel and airbag inches from my chest.
14: splitting some aspen - Was it Bigtooth Aspen? It split easily.
15: tick burn - A tick leaves an unusual injury. Also, some details of my shopping.
16: serialized data editor - I finally develop a method allowing the generic editing of data serialized by PHP.
17: a foot of ick - Stripey is bedeviled yet again by a tapeworm.
18: purely-decorative references - Four free glass panels on Dug Hill Road.
19: dismissed with an ick - Watching the movie Knocked Up.
20: uneasy relationships between layers - Old code working hand-in-hand with new.
21: scale model of my childhood - While visiting Gretchen's parents, we make a brief visit to the ranch house where I spent my early childhood.
22: eight minute Thanksgiving - A vegan meal cut short by the demands of children.
23: Jeremy Blake video paintings - A retrospective of the artworks of someone with whom Gretchen went to high school.
24: psychedelic Richard Scarry - I make some labeled artwork for my little nephew in a suburban Maryland Indian restaurant.
25: like the noises in Harrison Bergeron - Complaining about what children do to the adultness of the adults around them.
26: Jeopardy eating rules - Slowing my eating down while watching teevee.
27: dental alchemy - Limited success healing a troubled gum with a piece of copper wire.
28: BetterExplode - A CSV importer for my MySQL tool.
29: relationships with tools - Also, how I went about building a database navigation system entirely in Javascript.
30: I just want to plug in a welder - Finding wall outlet ratings for welding kits proves unexpectedly difficult.