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   December 2007

01: different shade of brown - Walking in the woods on a cold day in my pajama bottoms and a critique of Living with Ed.
02: frozen urinal - With outdoor temperatures in the 20s, I piss into my trusty flushless urinal and it doesn't drain.
03: contract between humans and cats - One of the cats starts straying from acceptable bathroom behavior.
04: the HTML is the database - DHTML to make an HTML table behave more like a database table.
05: pajamas safari - Wearing thin flannel in the December forest.
06: half gallon of fermented cider - Writing code and drinking a homemade source of alcohol.
07: league of pathologically self-involved - Digging up mountains to celebrate new rich people in the world.
08: poetry night at the Colony Café - There's a real liquor bar now, but keep your orders simple and leave before open mike.
09: tune into the voice of a spec - When I run into uncertainty, I just keep working and table my problems or make guesses that allow me to continue.
10: hookahs and torture - SQL exports and Iraqi cultural imports.
11: Mad Pooper, revealed - Wilma has decided to restrict her territory to half of the downstairs, within an area that does not include a litter box.
12: mouth patch - Why get fancy dental work when you can just get a mouth patch?
13: welder assembly - Putting together a welder and also taking apart SQL.
14: beyond their babymaking years - Not preoccupied with the many tasks involved in the raising of children, our older women friends come over for a dinner party.
15: cloudburst of sparks - I get the welding rig working and listen to the Winter Sounds.
16: an uncertain hand out into the unknown - Research and development on a personal level.
17: molar and analog holes - Fixing a wisdom tooth and recording an MP3 from my computer's sound card.
18: ways I've always done things - And why forcing myself to get modern is important.
19: genuine stack of pupusas - Eating pupusas with the BPI crowd.
20: rebels and reds on Abeel - Strange flags flying from a second story window above the Wilbur Street intersection.
21: tiling a plane with absolute DIVs - My first step in building a web-based database map display.
22: all our friends have babies - Another visitor with a baby and trying to draw lines in Javascript.
23: personal pizzas in Marbletown - A dinner party where one makes one's own pizzas.
24: benefit from a few more beta carotenes - Working at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve.
25: nausea by chocolate - Though warned about caffeine, it's the chocolate that gets me this time.
26: late-onset autism - Attempting to socialize at a party populated with strangers.
27: artifacts from the Queer-Eye-for-the-Straight-Town heyday - Another fun evening in Rosendale, New York.
28: Orgy's birthday - Wading into a new scene in Olive Bridge.
29: paucity of tracks - Walking in the snow on a pleasant late December day.
30: handtruck in the snow - Hauling firewood back from the forest by hand.
31: miserable entropy-creating lives - Talking with the wife after her conversion to veganism.