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Thursday, November 1 2007
Today in the mail I received another flyer from the Republican Party of Hurley (the township where I live), and the origins of this one were even better concealed than the previous one. This flyer had the appearance of a town newsletter, and even featured a grainy version of the official Town of Hurley crest. It also drew attention to a generic-sounding URL,, which for all the world might just be the official site for Hurley on that World Wide Web thingie all the kids are logging on to these days! Headlines included Hurley's Past; Ahh........the good 'ole days, Water, water everywhere, THE PRESENT —a sad state of affairs, He must be dreaming..., and Age Discrimination?. The only clue that this was Republican propaganda was that all the politicians being attacked were Democrats and all the ones being promoted were Republicans, as well as the advice to VOTE ROW "B" FOR A BETTER HURLEY, a tactic I saw Republicans resorting to on roadside signs in Rochester township as well. The Republican brand is utterly destroyed, and the only hope is to remind people that things weren't really so bad before all those tax and spend (and cable teevee for terrorists) Democrats took over.

It was mostly cloudy today and at one point a few sprinkles of rain fell, but there were also a few brief periods of sun. Light winds kicked up but they couldn't figure out where they wanted to go and carried autumn leaves in conflicting directions. Well into the afternoon I could hear a Barred Owl hooting in the nearby forest, which they normally only do in the evening. Something strange was afoot, and whatever it was caused two of our cats (Clarence and Sylvia) to explore the rooftop of the house, something they both do very rarely (a few times a year at most). Julius (aka Stripey) explores the solar deck much more frequently, but for some reason today he mostly stayed in the laboratory. (I keep an extra swivel chair in front of my computer so he can sleep next to me while I work.)


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