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   February 2008

01: she's not 20 - Watching Alizée videos on YouTube.
02: it seemed German - I attend the book reading of a friend.
03: indecency on basic cable - Fucks and cocksuckers galore while watching the South Park movie. Also, I install a 120 volt thermostat to control a ceiling fan.
04: grab me by the ankles and hurl - Treacherous ice in the forest.
05: wear pants all the time - Not voting for Hillary Clinton again.
06: absurd hundreds of billions - Military expenditure (examined), and a long day in a prison.
07: system for transporting data - A way to keep your data secret when crossing a border (though the program does not yet exist).
08: geodes as large as children - A Salvadoran poetry reading just west of Saugerties, NY.
09: first weld - I get in a spot weld with my arc welder before the weather turns and my health takes a dive.
10: happens to be a powerful decongestant - Able to work through my cold because of pseudoephedrine.
11: humor density - Watching Blazing Saddles and being ill.
12: foul notes in food - Things I can't imagine eating while suffering from the common cold.
13: few choice bits of information - Gretchen gets stuck in a snowbank and I start to recover from my cold.
14: watery bleup - Renewing a driver's license and serenaded by fermenting cider.
15: you want to drop x? - My tool cracks a joke.
16: lordy lordy - I turn forty.
17: a little more injured - Watching the Wire.
18: cherished and savored - A warm day in February.
19: disgusting brown electrolyte - Reverse electroplating an axle that is too thick.
20: can't ever be fixed - Nearing post-project-delivery blues.
21: cum-colored electronics - Quality is actually a function of brand, not price.
22: axles shrank - Possible-success with reverse-electroplating.
23: another big day for my problem tooth - The crown comes off while I'm threading a wire around it, so I Superglue it back on and fix my chronic gum problem in the process.
24: opposed to a bunch of disembodied spreadsheets - Interfaces to relational data should themselves be relational.
25: propane headache - Trying to research the technical details of a switch from large tanks of liquid petroleum gas to small tanks of liquid propane.
26: balance of vectors - Gretchen climbs Dug Hill Road in a snow storm with a two wheel drive Honda Civic.
27: snowballs where the tree will land - A dog won't get out of my way as I'm cutting down trees. And I bitch about the poorly-considered page-loading behavior of IE 7.
28: bleak deadness that precedes - Another Pupuseria dinner in Kingston with friends.
29: unappealing breed of show dog - A movie with lots of early-80s hair.