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Wednesday, February 20 2008
There's a period after the end of delivering a web development project when I'm done but I'm not really done. Things are broken and I have to go into the code with hip waders because if I can't fix the problems then they can't be fixed. Hours will pass and then I'll be breathing a little easier because it seems like now, finally, I'm done. Hell, I even start to feel a little depressed that there's no purpose to my sitting in front of my computer (and I've already checked DailyKos twice in the last fifteen minutes). But then it shows up, a new email detailing a whole raft of new problems and I wonder - momentarily - are they on to me? Do they know that I've been faking it all along and I have no idea what I'm doing and that at last they've finally stumbled onto the underlying problem that can't ever be fixed? But then I pull my shit together and deal with the new issues, fixing them all and buying another couple hours of freedom until the process repeats itself.
That's a concise and accurate description of what happened to me today.

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