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   February 2010

01: ice power - Wood is a good insulator. And ice doesn't like to melt.
02: purpose-built for one vexing problem - Me and my homemade database tools.
03: smart movie about idiots - idiocracy and a day with database migration.
04: ice power - Wood is a good insulator. And ice doesn't like to melt.
05: incompetence in everyone - But nobody is suffering from mine, at least not yet.
06: rooster sauce is never a bad idea - Today I add some to a vegan BLT.
07: new wooden things - A hickory handle and an ancient chest.
08: first ashes - I remove ashes from my woodstove after more than a month of peak winter use. Also, the unreliability of chainsaws.
09: audio only Cosmos - Gathering wood and listening to Carl Sagan.
10: unresponsive and atomic - More Microsoft-induced hell and watching Hoarders on teevee.
11: time swamp - A bad site migration and a good space drama.
12: burning books - I break free of my bibliomania.
13: record reclusiveness - I end a continuous two week stint at the compound.
14: ending up - The magical life of a web developer.
15: mission thwarted by presidents - A dump run goes awry when it turns out that it's a national holiday.
16: Lordy Lou! - I turn 42 in a snowstorm.
17: warm bath of tears - Intevention the television show and the sad gorgeous music of Midlake's latest CD.
18: inertial loyalty - Sometimes it's best to acknowledge that I'm not the same person I used to be.
19: crackhead projects - Actually, today pseudoephedrine proves itself a worthy study drug.
20: something of a fossil fuel - Cutting up American Chestnut and learning about Pearl Fryar.
21: slogging through spectacle - Not liking the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
22: sixteen inches - The thickness of ice on Onteora Lake at this time of year.
23: Sullivan slush incident - Gretchen abandons the Honda Civic outside Ellenville after it runs off the road in bad weather.
24: stumbling in from the 19th Century - Most of a day spent without electricity.
25: already fallen - There are always more trees and branches waiting to be felled by wet snow.
26: Fecal Collector II - This time my brownhouse shit collector will have a probe to measure heap temperature.
27: first few seconds of shaving - Also, a species of fungus that adds fur to compost and listening to Weezer.
28: caring about explosions - How I play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.