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   January 2010

01: some of my best friends are Jews harp - New Years Day dinner party on the east side of the Hudson.
02: abandoned for Florida - I can't blame Gretchen for going to be with a friend in Florida in the winter time.
03: like a spaceship - Alone in the house on a cold windy day.
04: live lobsters on ice - A revolutionary new grocery display technique.
05: hot swapping a woodstove - A new woodstove and some unplanned visitors taking shelter after a car accident.
06: for the bottle - Drinking from a gallon jug of wine I bought for the bottle.
07: shaving in the tub - Also, reading in the brownhouse.
08: portrayals of alienation - Watching the move Taxi Driver.
09: babysitting Microsoft - Microsoft doesn't really understand what computers are for.
10: terrible multitasker - Taking on too many pooly-paid projects during a dead economy leads to trouble when your economy (at least) improves.
11: use of blue LEDs - Their use to showcase the cutting-edge nature of your electronic hardware dates devices to the Aughts.
12: television Doritos - Watching another season of American Idol.
13: not an ideal environment for web development - In a maximum security prison trying to do web work.
14: Avatar in 3D - Also, while stoned. I didn't realize it wasn't a trailer until the uttering of the word Pandora.
15: deer hanging out - In the woods on a warmish day in winter.
16: drinking rules - How I keep myself from being a dysfunctional drunk.
17: January pinecone opportunity - Normally they are covered with snow at this time of year.
18: dietary head cold preemptive attack - Radishes, celery, vitamin C, and orange and V8 juice from Hannaford.
19: fries as birthday dinner - Avatar runs on too long for dinner in Hudson after Gretchen flies into Albany from Florida.
20: birthday week continues - At the Garden in Woodstock, I order an entrée but decide in future to only order soups.
21: errand to King's Mall Court - Temporary Insanity Sauce and a problematic peanut grinder.
22: Chicken Little is not your friend - Facebook finds another way to resemble reality.
23: Peak Cold, 2010 - Cutting wood on the statistically coldest day of the year.
24: bus turnaround option - What to do with a two-wheel-drive car when you really cannot climb the hill.
25: peak cold thaw - Also, hosting plan churn and unexpected Indian food.
26: errands on 209 - After a stupid trip to the prison, I find stores to buy things along US 209.
27: academic web applications - Not especially security-conscious, but why should they be?
28: enough parsable content - Difficulty focusing on the task at hand in a prison computer lab.
29: rootkit H8 - A compromised computer gives itself away with crapped-up search results.
30: vegan BLT lupper - Sometimes I substituted Bubbie's pickles for tomato.
31: hollowness in my head - Feeling good about the work I got done by staying up late.