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Saturday, January 2 2010
Gretchen would be leaving today for sunny Florida to be with a friend while this friend's elderly husband battles cancer, perhaps to the death (for the cancer, definitely, and perhaps the elderly husband as well). Before Gretchen left, we watched the new movie Precious on DVD (we'd been loaned a copy from a friend who has an Academy Awards vote). Based on Gretchen's experience unionizing medical workers in Milwaukee, she seemed to think it a realistically-grim portrayal of life as a poor person in modern Harlem. When we saw frying chicken or pig's feet, Gretchen said she could smell it. That and turkey necks, mixed with cigarette smoke and cheap soap, is the smell of povery in America today. It was a grim movie starring a large woman with an especially-unflattering hairdo. We'd never seen so much incest and deep frying in one movie. I'm sort of ambivalent about it, but any movie gutsy enough to star a 300 pound young woman is worth pondering for awhile afterwards.
This evening after Gretchen drove down to Newburgh to catch her flight to Florida, I went into town to get some supplies, most of them woodstove-related. I wanted to replace most of the single-walled pipes leading to the double-walled chimney in the living room ceiling, since they are old and corroded.
Later I went to KMOCA to retrieve the swing lamp that had been exhibited in the last show (and hadn't sold). I ended up drinking a glass of wine and talking to Paul, the guy who owns a nearby church he's resanctified for atheism.

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