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Tuesday, January 12 2010
I put in a lot of work today on the project for which I am not being paid, mostly to keep that person happy. He's promised big things if this project gets built, but he did that about another project for which I was not paid which suddenly collapsed. It might seem absurd to work with him again, but when he asked if I was interested, I had no work and it was a chance to work on a project completely on my own terms. So I said yes. At some point, though, I have to improve my no-saying skills.

Tonight was the first night of the new American Idol season, and it seems Gretchen and I are going to be along for this ride as well. After tonight's broadcast, though, Gretchen compared the experience of watching it to that of eating a whole bag of Doritos. I knew exactly what I mean. Both experiences make you feel a little unclean and neurologically and hygienically subprime, like you need to take a very hot shower followed by a nap.

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