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   dietary head cold preemptive attack
Monday, January 18 2010
There was a little extra snow on the ground from last night, but otherwise the day was about as good as one can expect in this season in this climate. At some point I went into town on a desperately-needed grocery run. I also had to put some checks in the bank but then it turned out that it was a bank holiday because of Martin Luther King Jr. Nevertheless, Herzog's was open, as was Hannaford (Hannaford is always open). In addition to corn chips, bread, diced tomatoes, black beans, radishes, celery, vitamin C, and orange and V8 juice from Hannaford, I went to Herzog's to buy some mild steel stock with which to assemble a simple screw press. One of my hardware items didn't have a bar code, so the cashier had to go find out what it was. At that point the man behind me in line put the three small wood screws he'd been planning to buy down on the checkout counter and walked out. He had two little boys with them and one remarked, "That was fast!"
I'd bought the vitamin C, juice, and the fresh cold vegetables because I felt I was coming down with a head cold. I had that unpleasant pre-sore-throat feeling in the soft tissues behind my hard palate. It seemed a little late for dietary fixes, but I didn't have the time to get sick, at least not this particular week. I drank the entire 40 ounce bottle of V8 juice in one go, and marveled that its bulk didn't distend my stomach more than it did. Later I was beset by a fit of explosive diarrhea, but this was mostly just water, what remained after my body had taken the many things it could use from all that juice.

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