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Tuesday, January 26 2010
I had to drag my ass down to the Eastern Correctional Facility today for an "orientation," part of the overhead of my job working in there. Though I'm paid for these jobs, the prison considers me a "volunteer" and I have to deal with volunteer bullshit. This includes getting a tuberculosis test once each year and going to "orientations," where we're taught how to avoid being manipulated by crafty inmates. I avoided the worst of the indignities because my fingerprints had already been taken at Woodbourne. But still somehow the ordeal took more than two hours even though I was allowed to skip out of the 40 minute film entitled Games People Play.
After I got out of the prison, I ran various errands as useful stores appeared along US 209. I needed more liquor for my laboratory liquor cabinet, and I'd already discovered that the Stone Ridge liquor store is too upscale for those needs. So I hit a place in Kerhonksen staffed by an Indian guy with a missing finger. They had most of what I needed, though I had to get a half gallon of vodka instead of gin because they didn't stock cheap plastic bottles of gin. (Despite my reputation as a vodka fan, for years now I've prefered gin to vodka.)
Further north I bought a large bag of "World's Best Cat Litter" from Accord Feeds (it's not cheap, but it's flushable, ecofriendly, has no smell, and works great).
At the big shopping center in Stone Ridge, I bought a bunch of groceries. When I'm in line with all my fresh vegetables, whole wheat bread, and fruit juice, it's hard not feeling superior to the people with their rotisserie chickens, trays of crappy danishes, and other crap. I find myself wondering how these people can live even half as long as me. My only handicap is alcohol, but I feel like I have a good handle on that.
I do have my weaknesses, which still includes an occasional indulgence of pizza with genuine dairy (non-vegan) cheese. It could be worse; a few years ago my indulgence was a bucket of KFC. When coming up from the the prisons on US 209, my preferred pizza place is Benny's Pizza. I like their mushroom pie. I usually get two slices and read the Kingston Freeman as I eat them. That was how things played out today.
My last stop on the way home was at Marbletown Hardware, where I bought a stovepipe plug and a bunch of 1.25 inch PVC fittings so I can outfit an air supply to another 35 gallon trashcan. The one I have collecting shit in the brownhouse now has been in operation since early November and is nearly full.

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