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Saturday, January 16 2010
I tend to drink more with Gretchen not around, just because of marvelously unsupervised I feel. When you live with someone, it's natural to occasionally get surveillance or even parental vibes from the other person. I even get those vibes from other parts of my personality. But it's easy to just turn off or bargain with other parts of my personality. Another person is a whole other alien system that must be dealt with verbally. And it's hard to articulate the desire to misbehave with alcohol.
Nevertheless, I still have to deal with parts of my personality that don't approve of my behavior. Part of the bargain with them has been the imposition of a series of rules (some qualified with footnotes). One of the rules is that I can't drink any form of alcohol on Tuesdays. Another rule is that the only form of alcohol I can drink on Thursdays is beer. If I want to drink non-beer on Thursday or any alcohol on Monday, I have to apply the rule to the two days on either side of the day I plan to break the rule. Other rules include a prohibition against the drinking of alcohol before 5pm or the non-social drinking of alcohol after midnight. My most recent rule is that I cannot drink more than two drinks in a row without thens drinking an entire cup of tea.
Last night I was in sort of a unsupervised celebratory mood because it was a Friday night and I'd gotten a lot of work done. And I observed all the rules stated above, including the tea rule. My main drink was gin, which normally doesn't result in any sort of ill-effects the next day. But I'd gotten a bottle of off-brand gin and I was drinking a bit excessively, so today I wound up with a hangover. It wasn't terrible, but it was a little unexpected. I get nervous about my behavior when I drink alone and wind up with a hangover.
During the night a copy of Avatar had downloaded, which gave me a chance to see the part of the film I'd missed during an urgent piss break. Amusingly, though the movie was in English, the subtitles of the Na'vi dialog were all in German. Evidently everyone in Germany understands enough English to follow an English-language film, but if they have to read they'd much rather do it in German.

The woodshed was looking depleted after all the recent cold weather, so today I managed to carry up two carts' worth of firewood from the trailhead of the Stick Trail (all of this wood had come from near where the Stick Trail crosses the Chamomile).

In the evening I made time for a speculative web project for which I am not being paid anything. I should tell that project to go fuck itself, but I'm just too nice of a person.

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