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Sunday, January 3 2010
Today was a day spent all by myself. Ever since I watched 2001 A Space Odyssey, this house has felt like a spaceship, particularly in Upstate's January mode. As I walk around from room to room, each a mismatch to an ideal human environment in its own unique way, I find myself thinking, "Is everything okay? Is there anything I need to do?" Today the winds were howling (literally, especially around the pet door). It was so bleak outside that, though I did visit the brownhouse to make several deposits, I never actually walked the dogs.
At some point I watched a DVD of A Serious Man, the latest Cohen brothers production. Not many goys are as qualified to judge the Jewishness of a film as me, but I judge this one "superjewish." The Cohen brothers, presuming they'd been living in Germany in 1940, wouldn't have wanted to release their film that year in that place. The movie was high-production, but I had difficulty caring about the characters. But by the time it abruptly ended, I was still ready for a second half of the film.

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