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Saturday, January 30 2010
In an effort to feed our houseguests and Sarah the Vegan (who'd come over), Gretchen made fancy old-style waffles for breakfast this morning. These required the batter to rise slowly in the refrigerator last night. Suitably for such an anachronistic recipe, she cooked the waffles on her vintage waffle iron, an Art Decco relic from the 1930s or 40s, the kind with the braided cloth electrical cord and bakelite details. The handles on either side of the lid (the upper part of the iron) were actually made of wood and then styled with Art Decco grooves. I found myself thinking that it would be fun to hollow it out and put a subminiature laptop computer inside its two stainless steel and aluminum clam shells. It's something I would never actually attempt because it would be far too impractical.
The houseguests, Gretchen and Sarah all headed off to the Rondout to see art at KMOCA, leaving me alone in the house to continue with my work. They all returned in the late afternoon and I made everyone a lupper of vegan BLTs using toasted bread, lettuce, store-bought tomatoes (my greenhouse hasn't exactly been producing), Vegenaise, and Smart Bacon fried in an absurd amount of vegetable oil. For some of the BLTs, I substituted Bubbies pickles for tomato, a winning combination I discovered once when I had all the fixing for a BLT except the tomato. Everyone seemed to enjoy their BLTs except for Gretchen, who fixed herself a fake turkey sandwich instead. She doesn't like bacon (even the vegan kind), and it's not just an aversion to it from having been raised kosher.

After a little more socializing, I ended up staying up past 5:00am working on web development.

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