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   rooster sauce is never a bad idea
Saturday, February 6 2010
After I'd built a roaring fire this morning, I made vegan BLTs for Ray and myself. I'm usually pretty conservative with BLTs, choosing to go with the simple comforts of crispness and grease. But when I saw Ray adding more mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to his, I was inspired to add rooster sauce (aka Sriracha) to mine. It turns out that adding rooster sauce to food is never a bad idea. The BLT went from being delicious comfort food to being whatever the next order of magnitude in food deliciousness is called. I wonder if deliciousness is one of those physical properties like sound amplitude, where a small increase in apparent deliciousness actually represents a large increase in actual deliciousness.
After Ray spent the day running around dropping off resumes in the greater Woodstock area, he returned to our place and cooked us a delicious Indian meal using a recipe he was carrying around in his head. He made us two curries, one featuring cauliflower and chick peas and the other featuring mushrooms. There was also flatbread which Ray had toasted over naked gas burner flames (the way I do it when the woodstove is cold). I broke out the Major Grey's spicy mango chutney and proceeded to eat myself sick.

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