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Tuesday, February 2 2010
I finished the work on my new entity creation and destruction tool today, though it's sort of an involved tool to use and the pressure seemed to be off me on the project for which I'd made it, so it became another arrow in my quiver, another socket wrench in my toolbox, another recipe in my scrapbook. I have a lot of these complex database tools; they're purpose-built for one vexing problem while being extremely generic. When I'm building them I find myself thinking about how much I'll be using them, but in the end they just languish. The only purpose-built tool that hasn't suffered this fate is a tool for analyzing changes. It saves the state of the database as a mess of checksums, you perform an action, and then you look to see what changed. (This can also be done by looking at a database server's transaction logs, but these can be difficult to obtain, particularly on servers where one doesn't have root access. And, at least with MySQL, they're not easy to read.)

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