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   warm weather winter shit bucket switcheroo
Wednesday, February 1 2012
It was just another unseasonably warm day. The humid air condensed on the flagstones of the walkway, which still had a memory of colder, more wintery days. Temperatures peaked at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, making conditions pleasant for the mid-winter changing of the brownhouse shit bucket. That bucket only needs to be changed twice a year, and a mid-winter day featuring 60 degree temperatures is about as ideal as it gets. There are no flies, not much smell, no snow to shovel out from in front of the shit hatch, and no risk of cracking brittle plastic. (The shit buckets are cheap thirty gallon trash cans and when I go to change them they have over a hundred pounds of shit in them.) To those wondering why I don't just change out my shit cans on the equinoxes, here's the problem: shit always accumulates quickly in the cold weather no matter how late in the warm weather the can was last empty. In warm weather, shit breaks down so quickly that one might be tempted never to empty the bucket at all (a real test of this could be conducted in a tropical environment). But in winter, shit just piles up (and can even freeze into a solid shitlagmite). So I always end up having to switch the can on or around Peak Cold (January 22nd).

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