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Wednesday, February 8 2012
Our friends Paul and Ingrid (the people with the church in the Rondout) came over this evening for cobbler Gretchen had made. The plan originally called for perhaps a whole dinner, but Paul has a very restricted diet due to his migraine headaches, and there is still too much to know. It was the usual thing for when guests come over for the first time, including the house tour. Sadly, the impact of the new orange paint in the entryway was minimal, since only Gretchen and I can remember how dreary and dingy it used to be. Like me, Paul is into making and hacking things, so of course I had to show him all the crazy contraptions down in the boiler room (particularly the Arduino solar controller and its infrared remote). We didn't visit either the brownhouse or the greenhouse.
At some point while seated in front of the fire, we got to talking about reality shows like Gold Rush and Hoarders. It turns out that Paul likes the same sort of shows I do, and he introduced me to a new one: Doomsday Preppers, which looks into the quirky lives of people obsessing about the end of the world (supposedly they all are of divergent opinions on how exactly it will go down).

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