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Sunday, February 26 2012
Coffee Sunday is now one of the high points of my week. I need to build a good fire in the stove and find something to read either in an issue of the New Yorker or on a mobile internet device. While I'm reading something, the cats and dogs are lounging about and Gretchen is nearby solving a crossword puzzle. It's domestic bliss fueled with the manic euphoria of infrequent caffeine use.

The other day I set up my big new parabolic dish in the woods near the Stick Trail (though only about 100 feet from the house). It wasn't a great place for WiFi experiments, and the location was entirely provisional. But at some point I'd like to move the dish to a more permanent place in the woods, one having a commanding view of a populous area in the lowlands to the east. But before I do that, I'm going to make the dish less of an eyesore. It's a 50 inch parabola with the off-white color of a Macintosh Plus. Ideally the dish would be perfectly camouflaged with the look of the understory forest. So today I took two cans of spray paint, one an olive green and the other a dark brown, and spray painted the dish with a series of overlapping organic shapes. It's much better than it was, though it's still not perfect.

In the evening I went into town to go grocery shopping. I'd set up my color-changing LED beacon, so again I drove to Riverside Park to see if I could see it from there. But the sun was just setting and it couldn't compete with the ambient light.
Back home, Gretchen had made another delicious loaf of sourdough bread. I ate four slice of it, which completely killed my appetite for pasta later.

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