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   tempeh from fava beans
Thursday, March 1 2012
Last night it rained and sleeted on the snow that fell yesterday and so by this morning it had cooked itself down to only about two inches of heavy slush. I could have just left it, but I shoveled out the driveway for fear that it might otherwise freeze into an ice rink (which is always a risk).
After I was hot and sweaty from that project, I harvested my latest batch of home-incubated tempeh, this made with fava beans. In hopes of making the funkiest tempeh possible, I'd started with the funkiest known bean. The result was pretty funky, and Gretchen used it to make a delicious tempeh-based dipping pat&eactute; as well as an Indian curry. She wouldn't be back until 9:00pm, so that was what I ate for the rest of the day. Fava bean tempeh is a bit more work than usual, because after putting the beans through a burr mill and soaking them overnight, I'd then had to manually pick out all the skins (which, at least until they're coojed, are like a plant-based gristle). Next time I make tempeh from fava beans, I won't be putting them through a burr mill at all. Instead I'll soak them overnight whole, slip off the skin of each bean manually (a more systematic and wholesale way to do it than removing them after they've been shredded to pieces), and then put the naked bean through a few pulses of a food processor.

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