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   warm weather, a close dog, and a possibly-bad yagi
Thursday, March 8 2012
Temperatures were postively balmy today, reaching as high as 69 degrees. We opened most of the doors of the house to get some much-needed air flow.
I took advantage of the great weather to attempt some WiFi range experiments from the edge of a nearby bluff about 700 feet south of the house (and 60 feet of elevation higher, 41.928655N, 74.106817W). Ramona the dog came along and, as always, stuck very close (nearly to the point of getting tangled up in the wires of my netbook). I was using a cheap Chinese yagi antenna of dubious quality (it had only been $7), and I didn't manage to pick up any WiFi hotspots from there at all, not even those of my quasi-suburban neighborhood 700 feet to the north. It made me wonder if perhaps this yagi was a piece of junk, which, given that yagi antennas completely explain themselves by their appearance alone, hadn't seemed possible when I'd ordered it.

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