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   Gretchen works on her farmers tan
Monday, May 6 2013
I abstained from all caffeine today, but if I thought I'd made any progress in overcoming that addiction, today proved me wrong. It was another drag-ass day, a good one for watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones, but not much else. The weather was gorgeously sunny, making all the spring colors rich and saturated. Temperatures were slightly cool in the shade, especially towards evening, but in the sun it was like heaven. At one point I just lay down in the driveway and Clarence the cat came over and lay down next to me. Gretchen was reading in a chaise lounge nearby, getting what would eventually prove to be an embarrassing farmers tan (she'll be appearing in Woodstock in a sleeveless dress on Saturday to do another book party).

Despite my low energy levels, I managed to attach a 1984-vintage PS/2-style keyboard to my C64 DTV and use it to boot the thing up into C64 mode, allowing me to code such classics as

Unfortunately, the keyboard interface was a bit unpredictable. Sometimes it would take the keyboard awhile to become operational, and other times it wouldn't work at all. I feel like there's some basic knowledge I'm missing about it, but I can't find it on any of the many sites that discuss C64 DTV hacking.

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