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Sunday, May 12 2013
Gretchen made us a semi-decaf French press of coffee and, as often happens, it was empty far too soon. I suggested making a second one, but Gretchen seemed down on the idea, so I transitioned to drinking black tea. I'm pretty much back on my old caffeine diet. I'll have to wait around for a period in my life when less is expected of me before I can wean myself off of caffeine again. Oh well.
Doug and Felicia came over early this afternoon and Gretchen and I went with a walk with them through the forest on the Canary Hill loop. Usually I don't go on walks of this sort, but Spring is my favorite time of year and I love to see all the fresh, flawless new leaves, which are so perfect just before the completely unfurl.
Back at the house, I gave Doug and Felicia a tour of both of the greenhouse's levels, and then Doug offered us all beers that just happened to come from the Ithaca Brewery, the maker of my favorite IPA. He didn't actually have any of the IPAs, but the Pale Ale he had was really very good. He also had an apricot wheat, which Gretchen thought delicious but which I found unpleasantly treacly and girlish.

I managed to download the latest episode of Game of Thrones only a little over an hour after it was broadcast. This was the episode where poor Theon was tempted with two gorgeous wenches only to have his penis sliced off by his torturer. There was something about the fluid transition from the promise of sex to the loss of manhood that made the scene unequaled in its horror. You can say what you want to about the gratuitous sex and violence and Game of Thrones, but when combined in this way it was something completely unprecedented. It was uncomfortable, but I have to respect whoever came up with that idea (and supposedly none of it was in any of the George R. R. Martin source material).

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