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Thursday, January 30 2014 [REDACTED]
The application I have been developing for the past several months is extremely complicated, and because of the way it works sometimes I have to implement some complicated feature in two entirely different languages or call it from two entirely different places in the code. Occasionally, then, when I tell the client that something has been implemented, he'll go to check it and it won't appear to be at all because I will have overlooked implementing it in that other place (or, in some cases, in another programming language). That happened today while I was on the phone, and client got so short and snippy with me that I felt rage rising up in my belly. Anyone hoping to create something this complicated needs to be more patient than that. "You're really annoying me right now," I said, and I left it at that. Just explaining why he wasn't seeing what he was seeing where he wanted to be seeing it seemed like a lot of work at the time, but I went on to do so and the rest of the day ended up being reasonably productive. I usually sort of like this work, but when I hate it I really hate it.
Speaking of hating things, we continued having trouble with Darla pissing and shitting in random places throughout the day. Her poops were not quite as dry as they had been yesterday, which was unfortunate as she seemed to have developed a slight preference for pooping on the thick-pile shag carpet in Gretchen's first floor office.

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