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   prolonged downpour
Wednesday, June 25 2014
Miraculously, my right foot recovered almost completely as I slept last night. By this morning, I could walk normally on it (though there were a few little aches). As the day wore on, the pain vanished entirely. By this afternoon, when Gretchen drove Eleanor to the vet to get her stitches out, my feet felt sound enough for me to go on a short mission across the Farm Road to cut up and retrieve a Northern Red Oak top that had snapped off within the last couple of years (it was much fresher and greener than nearly all of the wood I've been salvaging since March). I've also been cutting up and splitting the White Ash salvaged from the bottom of Dug Hill Road. Since it won't be completely dry by heating season, I've been building a pile of it next to the dog house. Though exposed to the rain there, it will nevertheless be able to gradually dry out.

After threatening for awhile with thunder and lightning (giving us enough warning to bring in laundry hanging on the line), the rain came this evening. It took the form of a prolonged downpour, which is a bit unusual (there's brief downpours and long, moderately-paced rains, but it's hard for nature to maintain a heavy rain for all that long). It was the sort of rain that rendered our Verizon DSL useless, so I had to find non-internet ways to spend my evening, including television.
The hole in the basement of the greenhouse had been empty of water earlier today, and I'd been meaning to take advantage of the situation to do some jackhammering, but with this evening's downpour, it was clear my window of jackhammerportunity had slammed shut.

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