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   June 2014

01: miracle of steel gossamer - A view of the Hudson as the 1% does it.
02: cats from Gardener - We go to a marginal (and doomed) cat rescue for a grey-market pair of adult cats.
03: the idea of screws tapping their own holes - The air conditioning on the car fails again. And maybe hoping that lag bolts will tap their own holes in aluminum is foolish.
04: conspicuously wrong - Recharging automotive AC in a parking lot and trying to watch Halt and Catch Fire.
05: cobbled together over the centuries - Looking at Susan and David's new house, which they closed on today.
06: two more episodes left - Watching the eighth episode of Fargo. And bringing home 130 pounds of salvaged wood.
07: QuickCheck beers - Refreshments for a distant Hurley yard sale and a post-art-opening Indian meal.
08: best Broccoli Rabe - Fresh and tender, straight from the garden.
09: new bear coping strategy for dogs - Evidently sometimes they just stand there silently and hope not to be noticed.
10: Elka Park - Visiting some Charlottesville friends at a quirky old Victorian mansion in the Catskills.
11: yet another cat disaster - I wake up at Elka Park to learn one of our newly-adopted cats removed a screen from a window and escaped out onto a roof. And that wasn't the last bad cat news of the day.
12: showcasing La Florentina - Taking friends to our favorite Italian restaurant.
13: confession works - Looking at Uptown Kingston real estate in the rain, and dining with Susan and David on their first night to be spent in their new house.
14: not enough batteries - I take delivery of a new game camera with a hungry appetite for batteries while Gretchen drives off to Delaware.
15: weeding but no sunflowers - The garden plots have been hard to love this year.
16: metric icecubes - A drink after returning cat carriers to a place south of New Paltz.
17: cycling into Kingston - I evade the dogs and sneak off to town by bicycle to meet Gretchen for a real estate appointment.
18: fast-grown salvaged White Ash - I count the rings on another massive piece.
19: best sandwiches in the Hudson Valley - Ray invites me over to enjoy more of his gourmet cooking delights.
20: reminded of a copy of the Book of Mormon - I hear about some new research published by one of my father's old friends.
21: until they died of starvation - The dogs refuse to leave the base of a tree that a bear had escaped into.
22: little more than sacks - A Gypsy Moth outbreak, with a disease to kill the caterpillars.
23: deer with ribs - Also, three different pizzas.
24: weird stigmata pain - Unexpected aching in my right foot.
25: prolonged downpour - Ruining the internet and flooding the greenhouse basement.
26: 140 pounds - A record backpack load of firewood for a partially-exposed fourth tranche in the woodshed.
27: helpful unnecessary switch - Fixing my Greenworks 10 inch lithium chainsaw's switch by simply jumpering around the one bad switch (there are two for some reason).
28: fluffy orange cat spotted - And so a trap is set.
29: between the Deeps - Swimportunities near Woodstock. And Oscar the Cat reluctantly returns.
30: function for religion - Two turd sandwiches from the Supreme Court.