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Wednesday, July 9 2014
Yesterday I'd mowed the lawn and today I finished the job with the weed wacker, a tool I don't always deploy when doing the lawn. I use it every third time or so, though it's essential for making the bluestone path to the front door look charming, civilized, and unlikely to lead to the residence of a cat hoarder or the Unabomber. Later I went on a smallish cleaning jihad on the first floor of the house to make it a pleasant place for our friend Kate, who would be housesitting tomorrow night. As part of the jihad, I moved the Oru Kayak from our living room (where it has been for something like two weeks) to the garage, and broke down and consolidated a bunch of cardboard boxes and other paper-based packing materials. Since realizing we'd be getting a five-figure tax refund from Uncle "Hussein" Sam, Gretchen's been on something of a mailorder shopping spree, and it's generated a lot of the sort of material we'd be burning if only it were the heating season. Gretchen actually did burn a bunch of it today, though there's only so much that can be burned in the summer time.

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