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   August 2014

01: weeding jihad - Also, delighted that I can simply copy Windows AppData to Linux to configure Linux versions of my Windows programs.
02: ahistorical moral outrage - Listening to Christian radio in the Valley of the Beasts.
03: Celeste and gravity - The new cats have adventures and make progress and a little kid expresses unusual interest in mushrooms.
04: flange success - I replace some rotten brakeline in the Subaru and pursue a masked bandit out of the garage.
05: had to bleed - The Subaru passes inspection at a friend's muffler shop after I bleed air out of the brake system.
06: ineffable unbalanced taste - What pesto needs. And Gretchen is attacked by wild animals while attempting to do what a bear does in the forest.
07: soil near the escarpment - And what needs to be done when it's not there.
08: 800 pounds of green White Ash - A quick firewood salvaging mission to the bottom of Dug Hill Road, and a scare from Oscar.
09: the opposite game - At a party, I reverse the rules for my own play.
10: tower with trapezoid sides - More stable and more structually sound than an orthogonal tower.
11: Olive's brain - Something in there makes her fight Ramona whenever she visits.
12: wet bike ride into Kingston - In more ways than one; I drink a beer along the way.
13: ugly tower and Rockbox - Gretchen doesn't like my siting idea for a wooden tower and I discover Rockbox.
14: how to fix broken plastic - In more ways than one; I drink a beer along the way.
15: biggest website fiasco - I accidentally bring down a movie theatre site in Los Angeles for three hours.
16: ice maker hose carrying gas - Two makeshift fixed to two broken household things.
17: Asbury Park - A vegan beach vacation with friends.
18: almost towed - We inevitably run up against the crappy side of being in New Jersey.
19: one hertz clunk - The Fussies across the street are getting a brand new well drilled.
20: cocooned in my inhibitions - Unless I have a few strong beers in me.
21: reflexively sniffed - Ramona gets the lump in her face professionally examined.
22: impromptu chili party - Five people, two dogs, Celeste the Kitten, and Key & Peele.
23: when to use 160 proof - Not when drinking alone and then socializing.
24: sounds, dogs, and bears across distances - Ramona trees another bear, a problematic use of a megaphone, and news of a feline miracle.
25: three gallons of accumulated clay and earthworms - I resume jackhammering the floor of the greenhouse.
26: no bigger than a brazil nut - The rock I'm removing from the greenhouse basement hole. Also, a crazy WNBA game.
27: what sort of trouble the dogs - Another Falafel Wednesday in Woodstock.
28: Verizon gets one right - They send me a new DSL router, and it turns out that it's exactly what I need.
29: literal breakthrough - I get through the hard bluestone in the basment of the greenhouse, arriving at much weaker rock.
30: crash course in veganism - First dinner at Rick's Wood Fired since they got their liquor license.
31: return to the West Hurley Park cliffs - Also, the hard bluestone is coming apart easily in the greenhouse basement.