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Tuesday, July 22 2014
Yesterday somebody sent me a Facebook message about being unable to reach my website, so I'd immediately called Godaddy (my website host, which it is only through inertia). It turned out that there was some sort of server trouble and it did indeed affect my particular site (but not Gretchen's, which is also hosted on Godaddy). Just to be sure, I had the tech support person confirm that my site was one of those affected and that the problem wasn't something more particular to me. But then today my site (and my email) were still unavailable, and so I called Godaddy again, wondering if perhaps they had gone bankrupt and their servers had been seized by their creditors. This time, though, there was no identifiable problem on the Godaddy end. It turned out that the problem was with the domain name registration of, which I'd done through, not Godaddy (Godaddy was merely hosting the web pages). The last time I'd dealt with this had been back in 2007, and since then I'd forgotten that hosting and domain name registration were being done through different companies. Also, either had failed to send me warnings that my domain name was going to expire, or they'd sent it to me, but it had looked so much like spam that I'd ignored it. I searched my email and found the latest email from had come in 2007, an email that had led me to extend my registration for another seven years. Perhaps part of their business model now requires that they not tell people that their domain names are expiring so that can collect extra fees (which they collected from me today) in order to claw the domain name back from spammy oblivion. (A contact on Facebook this morning told me that when was an inactive site, it was hosting ads for various Christian concerns, which makes sense given the domain name.)

Celeste the kitten continued to expand her universe today, this time going down the stairs to the first floor and roaming through the dining room, kitchen, first floor office, mud room, and east deck. For most of these adventures, she was accompanied by an ever-attentive Ramona, who was acting in the role of a helicopter parent. I closed the front door so Celeste couldn't go out into the yard, and I was so confident in Ramona's good intentions and congenital parenting skills that I left them unsupervised.
It was so hot and humid that in the afternoon all I wanted to do was take a siesta. So I lay on the bed in the upstairs bedroom and fell asleep. At some point I was joined on the bed by a very friend Oscar the fluffy cat, who has been jumping up on the bed with increased frequency after having shunned it for weeks (he spends nearly all of his time under the bed).

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