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Thursday, July 17 2014
Gretchen had not one but two parties to attend in Manhattan, so after work today she took a bus down from New Paltz. As usual, I drove into town to get provisions for surviving by myself for the next 30 or so hours. This included three forms of alcohol, a wide variety of beans, bagels, and the vegetables that I like but that Gretchen detests: eggplant and green pepper. I also got a tub of a tofu brand (Nasoya) that Gretchen dislikes but that I think is perfectly fine. On the drive back home, I made a detour down Hurley Mountain Road to Fording Place, where I gathered three buckets of sandy topsoil and a single bucket of gravel while the dogs ran around and had a great time. (My usual place to gather topsoil — and it's much better topsoil too — is along the natural levee on the Esopus across Wynkoop from the Hurley Mountain Inn, but with the bridge out, that's now too far away.) The Esopus at Fording Place was a little high, so I was surprised to see a vehicle actually ford it while I was there. It was a huge dirt truck, but the water was still more than half way up its hubcaps.
On the drive back up Hurley Mountain Road, the dogs freaked out and barked at a cyclist we passed (as they always do). This usually involves them enthusiastically jumping into the Subaru's way-back, which (on this occasion) contained buckets full of sand in close proximity to bags full of groceries. When I later unloaded both, there was sand mixed in with the groceries and the tub of Nasoya tofu had been punctured by a dog claw and drained into the bag. But other than having to hose sand off some bottles and cans, nothing was lost. I later used that tofu with mushrooms, eggplant, green peppers, Vindaloo paste, and soy sauce to make the stir fry I like to make when it's just me to feed.
I used some of the sandy soil to fill several large holes the dogs have dug in the yard. I also used some to deepen the soil in my southmost tomato patch, where bedrock lies alarmingly close to the surface.

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