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Sunday, November 2 2014
When I got out of bed this morning, my hair still had all that Elmer's Glue in it from the night before. Instead of washing it out, I decided to cut most of it out, giving myself a not-too-terrible haircut in the process. Gretchen was delighted; she'd gradually forgotten what I looked like beneath my Farrah Fawcett hair and hadn't remembered me being as attractive as it turned out that I was after this crude self-inflicted haircut. Apparently my hair had been bothering her subconscious because she'd recently had a dream in which I'd cut my hair and looked much better (only to wake up and see me with my shaggy anachronistic mane).
Over at the Wall Street house, I finalized the drain plumbing for the new bathroom's sink, which I managed to fold up into a compact shape that mostly hugged the wall. Then, using a somewhat complicated wax ring that came inside a rubber cartridge, I managed to seat the toilet on the closet flange, though I was unable to get the closet bolts to hook into the flange. Fortunately for me, though, this particular toilet attaches to the floor with four bolts (of which only two must be necessary). So, once I have my close-quarters drill, I can make some holes through the floor for those additional bolts and just forget about the bolts on the closet flange. I flushed the toilet repeatedly and went down to the basement to look for leaks from the closet flange (which is visible from below) and it all looked nice and dry.
This evening I took a nice hot bath and washed the rest of the Elmer's glue out of my hair. Unlike many other glues, dry Elmer's is highly water-soluble, and it dissolved away with almost no effort at all.

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