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Monday, November 17 2014 [REDACTED]
It was a rainy day, and so consistently so that we never got a chance to take the dogs for a walk. At some point I tried, but it was coming down too hard for Eleanor to follow me more than 20 feet from the house. And at some point down the Farm Road even Ramona seemed to have had enough. The water caused another spike in water levels in the excavation in the greenhouse basement, though it stopped six or eight inches shy of reaching the drainage pipe. It seems that the volume of the excavation is such that conditions where there is enough water to reach the drainage pipe have become rare. Then again, according to the USDA, we are still in drought conditions, so perhaps once those are over I'll see floods capable of reaching the drainage pipe as frequently as in the past.

The USB 3.0 hub I'd bought the other day at Radio Shack hadn't proved capable of driving the little 2.5 inch 2 terabyte drive I use for NAS storage on the local network. Today I took delivery of a second USB 3.0 hub and had the same experience. The hubs work, but they do not work with that drive. The drive works, but only when directly attached to a computer or with certain USB 2.0 hubs. In tracking down the nature of the problem, I eventually discovered that all the USB 3.0 ports on all my hubs are limited to 0.5 amps of power, whereas the drive requires 0.9 amps. This might seem like an easy thing to fix: go online and search for a hub with ports meeting this requirement. But I defy you to find that information in any of the specs given for hubs. Occasionally it is given, but never in a way that can be searched for on, say, Really, the power rating of the ports is one of the few pieces of information that should be given at all, since nearly everything else is either the number of ports, whether or not the hub comes with a wall wart, and the phrase "USB 3.0." I know it's "blazingly fast" and "compatible with USB 2.0." That's all in the spec.

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