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Tuesday, November 11 2014
I had a relatively relaxing day today, with nothing to do at the Wall Street house and little I needed to do while seated in front of my computer. It's days like this when I can play with my various toys (such as a pcDuino ARM-based computer I recently got for cheap in eBay). I also did some long-procastinated seasonal chores, such as draining and putting away the garden hose and folding up and putting away the screen tent (which we used maybe three or four times all summer). I still need to put away the two kayaks, which have been in the yard since we got back from the Adirondacks in September.
This evening Gretchen and I drove down to Ray and Nancy's place to pick up Ray and continued to the India Garden on Albany Avenue, where we rendezvoused with Nancy for dinner. India Garden is so good that it has caused the older Kingston Indian Restaurant in Uptown to fail; now that space is empty and awaiting whatever the wave of Uptown gentrification has in store for it. (I'm thinking a gym, since it's a corner location with a lot of windows, and gyms loves those kind of places.) Worryingly, though, tonight we were the only customers in the India Garden, though admittedly we'd arrived late on a Tuesday night. Without local competition, it seems perhaps the restaurant isn't as good as it used to be; for example, the mulligatawny soup they serve now is a thin broth served in a small bowl. And the chana masala seems to have gone downhill too. Happily, though, they managed to make my aloo gobi adequately spicy when all I did was say precisely once that I wanted it "spicy." Just in case it hadn't been, I'd brought some of my homegrown Thai ornamental peppers with me. Among the topics discussed over dinner was the mediocre nature of Hudson Valley's premier restaurants, particularly New World Home Cooking. Ray says that the Bear in Bearsville was recently sold to a new owner, so it stands a good chance of regressing to the local mean (for years it had been probably the best of the local upscale restaurants). [REDACTED]

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