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   November 2014

01: dressed up as Republican takeover of the Senate - An uncomfortable capitol dome on my head and a Mitch McConnell doll made from a real turtle shell at a vegan party.
02: no more Farrah Fawcett hair - In the process of cutting out the glue from last night's costume, I get rid of unfashionably-long tresses.
03: kitten drenched in saliva - A visiting dog decides he really likes Celeste the Kitten.
04: Suzy celebrates election day, 2014 - Accused of being a terrible troll, she gets exactly what trolls want.
05: electricity into death - Not taking in much media after the 2014 mid-terms, though watching old episodes of To Catch a Predator.
06: fixing a Dremel - One of the brushes melted into the hole in the chassis that it is supposed to be able to move within.
07: repeated off-hours emergency shit storms - Also, dealing with missing internet, mis-deleted files, and old NBC news shows after Gretchen flies down to Florida.
08: damn good eggplant burrito - One of the brushes melted into the hole in the chassis that it is supposed to be able to move within.
09: highly vexing leak - An improvised version of a PVC fix found on the web.
10: being the trigger man in a metaphor - More hell with Amazon AWS. Also, the latency of a remote desktop on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
11: Thai peppers in case - Now there's we're down to only one Indian restaurant in Kingston again.
12: four ideas in ideas.txt - Smoking pot and drinking alone. Also, fun with Network Attached Storage.
13: anything for purple pie - I get trapped in a writerly seminar at Outdated en route to a delicious meal.
14: aunting instinct - Our friend Carrie is really feeling auntie since returning with a baby from China.
15: into the pubic domain - Also: renting the Wall Street house.
16: lease signed - Gretchen and I are now officially landlords.
17: the one thing I need to know - The only useful information about a USB 3.0 port is how much power it supplies.
18: other parallel interfaces - The problems that come when software designers assume you will use their proprietary navigation system instead of the one already present on every computer.
19: what if no placeholders exist? - The CRT is to an LCD as X is to self-driving cars.
20: ancient razor blade - I finally swap out my old Gillette Fusion blade for a brand new one. Also, preparing to swap out our old dented hybrid for a newer one.
21: vinegar-cum-ancient-carpet funk - Another attempt at clearing that ugly carpet stain at the Wall Street house.
22: consciousness to snap loose - A very bad experience from marijuana.
23: morning with June - Negotiating the sale of our Honda Civic Hybrid with an irritating woman found via Facebook.
24: custom Ferguson show - Overlaying different webstreams to make my own personal news channel.
25: no more Hondas - We become officially Honda-free for the first time since moving Upstate.
26: snow laboratory fixes - Crescent wrenches and monitors on a KVM switch.
27: Thanksgiving, 2014 - Down in Park Slope, Brooklyn, reached via Prius.
28: Black Friday, 2014 - We buy an injera-capable microwave oven.
29: more productive time - Researching delirium tremens with no drink in my hand. Also, the utility of a homemade USB 2.0 Y-adapter.
30: giving the Res another chance - It fails the Gretchen test, but at least they had a couple good beers.