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Sunday, December 13 2015
It was yet another unseasonably warm day in what is proving to be the mildest December I've ever experienced outside of California (and perhaps Charlottesville, Virginia). I'm still burning a fair amount of wood just to make the house super-comfortable, but that's a luxury. Today I gathered 97.85 pounds a little further to the south from where I've been gathering wood lately along the Stick Trail. The salvageable wood in this region is depleting faster than it has in other areas, and I'll soon have to expand my operation southeastward.
I decided that I have too much shit to do to continue with my experiments with caffeine abstinence, particularly given the fact that I'm finding the process of "recaffeination" not pleasant enough to justify the discomfort of abstinence. So today I returned to drinking black tea the way I normally do it, that is, one cup followed by another. I drank like four or five cups and the buzz was useful at first and then unpleasant. I was worried I'd have trouble falling asleep, but taking a 10 milligram dose of melatonin seemed to pull me into sleep before too long.

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