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   a new mild sedative to my arsenal
Monday, December 21 2015
For today's firewood salvage, I returned to a spot just west of the Stick Trail only three or four hundred feet south of the Chamomile crossing where I'd felled skeletonized trees in the past and failed to bring it all home. There's still enough there for at least a week of daily salvaging forays. Unfortunately, the blade on my chainsaw was so dull that I had trouble bucking the pieces necessary to make a load. Still, I managed to bring home 97.65 pounds, though only 80 of those were in pieces cut up today. There is now so much firewood in the living room that there is no room to safely stack wood on the wood rack and wood is also on top of and leaned around three sides of the woodstove, leaving no other places suitable to place it. (I know from experience that it's not a good idea to stack damp wood fresh from the forest directly on the wooden floor.)
The weather has been rather cold for the past few days (that is, it's been almost normal for this time of year), though throughout the day today there was a gradual warming trend afoot, and by evening the flagstones out in front were spotted by rain.
Recently I added a new mild sedative to my arsenal of evening non-caffeinated teas: Passionflower. Tonight I made the mistake of drinking that beginning before 7:00pm and then taking 20 milligrams of melatonin. By 9:30 pm, I headed off to bed with my book (I'm still slowly making my way through The Master Algorithm; I'm a little past page 210.) But I didn't read long.

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