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Thursday, February 2 2017
Gretchen had put our ratty old teevee room couch on Freecycle, and today a couple young people in a big truck came to take it. They looked significantly more urbane than the usual people responding to a Freecycle post, and it soon turned out that would be using the couch (and a dresser, which Gretchen sold for $50) on the set of a movie that was being shot.
Later Gretchen headed off to Newark to catch a flight to Portland, Oregon. She'll be visiting with Gilly and Alan and enjoying our favorite West Coast city until Tuesday.
Meanwhile in my remote workplace, there was finally a low-enough-priority mailing for me to test some code I'd implemented that immediately quit a Postfix-instance-running script if it had been allotted zero percentage of the server's traffic. This code allowed all four instances to run simultaneously and will provide the basis for an orderly migration of traffic from one instance to another.

Late this afternoon, I climbed into the Subaru and made a quick run out to Hurley Ridge Market for a frozen cheeseless pizza, some not-very-good vegan sushi, and (of course) beer (Lagunitas' Little Sumpin' Sumpin'). I'd gone that way so I could visit the Tibetan Center thrift store, which I hadn't been to for some time. There was a bloated old Kodak DX3700 digital camera (complete with 32 megabyte SD card!) for a dollar, so of course I had to have it (though I couldn't get it to power up when I brought it home). There was also a thumb drive that later turned out to have a solid 8 gigabyte capacity (and a bunch of documents related to a court case; the woman working the register told me I was obligated to delete anything I found on it, which is fair). There were also a couple great tools: an all-stainless-steel multifunction knife and a collapsible pair of pruning shears. I added them both to my pile, as well as wind power "lab" for kids that included lots of generic snap-together modular pieces and a complete set of compatible plastic gears. I love shit like that. Somehow it all came to around $13 (more than usual), probably because the woman working the register was that somewhat-awkward one who also works on Sundays (she always charges more than the skinny guy). She asked if I wanted a bag for all my loot I said no, putting the little things in my pockets. After she noted that this was an admirable attitude visa vis the environment, I made some comment about the Great Pacific garbage patch. The cashier then mentioned a high school kid she'd heard of who had supposedly come up with a solution for that problem, perhaps as a science fair project. "Next he's gotta do something about Donald Trump," I chuckled as I headed out the door.

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