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Wednesday, February 15 2017
Today Gretchen spend another day over at the cold Brewster Street house (there won't be utilities until March) meeting with general contractors who can fix the place up and make it rentable for us. Meanwhile I had my usual workday, punctuated with occasional breaks to apply a few trace amounts of drywall compound (spackle) and then primer paint.
Gretchen picked up the interior trim for the new basement doors on her way home, though when I saw it I wondered if perhaps I should've stressed that its width needed to be 3.25 inches; this stuff was 3.5 inches. [REDACTED]

In the remote workplace today, I spent much of the afternoon further tweaking a document I was writing to give my colleague Dan to guide him while Gretchen and I are in Mexico (beginning the day after tomorrow). Often as I draft a document, it forces me to consider things I'd totally missed while building the thing I am documenting. In this case I realized as I worked that I'd totally failed to account for the special instance rules. In the end this wasn't a big deal; they could be handled with the existing system as a separate step. And a query of our contact database showed that email addresses comprised only 1.4 percent of the total. At this late stage of's existence, I wonder what fraction of accounts belong to dead people.

Later this evening, I finished the last of the spackling, gave it a quick sanding, and then primed the repaired drywall. Soon thereafter I covered it with two coats of the bluish grey paint Gretchen had selected for the library's revamp. My spackling had been so good that it was nearly impossible to tell the wall had ever been opened up and work done inside it. I'd never intended to become competent at installing drywall, but it's another of my skills, right there with Javascript and wheelchair stunts.

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