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   December 2018

01: mildly-allegic to So-Called - A little dinner party west of Woodstock.
02: porch-length inch-wide gap - A porch at a rental unit appears to be falling away from the roof above it.
03: not sued - We learn a lawsuit against us has either been dropped or settled by our insurance company.
04: self-sustaining compulsion in my brain - What it's like when work no longer feels like work.
05: inspection passed in Woodstock - While at work, Gretchen gets our most marginal car to pass inspection.
06: rage towards the lottery - Trying to get a gas pump at the Hurley Stewarts when I don't even have my fucking wallet.
07: why I used to like smoking pot - I have my best pot experience in over six months.
08: celebratory Impossible burgers - Though Gretchen has trouble finding a celebratory wine.
09: actually ordering dessert - Not quite enough food at Sarah the Vegan's birthday dinner.
10: phantom smell of shit - My desk at work smells poorly but I can't see why. Later, Gretchen eats crow.
11: a tool for head extraction - Dealing with Neville the Pit Bull's compulsion to guard.
12: ignoring $5 on the floor - It was probably best left for someone more deserving.
13: a stab at culture and some I'd managed to miss - I show the new guy my burrito place.
14: working differently from the expected way - Why multiple cursors in text editors don't work for me.
15: perky, unmusical chirps - Can English sparrows find their way out of a big box store? Also, trying a new Indian restaurant in Saugerties.
16: maybe I wore out the hinge on my glasses - Also, a few kitchen remodeling chores and probiotic hot sauce saves a meal at R&R.
17: stud bay deathtrap - Opening the wall to make a little room for the refrigerator, I make a horrifying discovery.
18: freakish wind damage - Unusual trouble with the hot water solar panels. And evidence of mice chewing on 120 volt electrical wires.
19: one of those dogs - The moment you realize your dog is the kind you used to kind of hate. Also: finishing my kitchen tasks.
20: two different tradesmen - We're turning into the people in the fussy house across the street.
21: rainy first day of winter - Christmas dinner for those in my workplace while back home the basement floods.
22: Olive Garden as acid trip - Lots of pre-Christmas errands in and around the King's Mall of Kingston.
23: what the tweaker didn't steal - Things temporarily disappearing in the chaos of the laboratory.
24: surprising stationary robot success - Everything goes great until the SD-card-based boot volume on the Rasberry Pi gets corrupted.
25: Jewish Christmas, 2018 - And a bit of a retrospective of Jewish Christmases past.
26: Boxing Day, 2018 - A party in Bearsville. Also unboxing an oven to see what exactly its power requirements.
27: safely use that same pool - How having a real estate empire facilitates higher insurance deductables.
28: always the superjew - Comparing 23AndMe results with friends.
29: good idea's at Joshua's - Dinner with friends in Woodstock not at the Garden Café.
30: if I left it looking too hideous - Fixing things I don't need to fix and painting things I don't need to paint.
31: just want to be entertained - The problem with interactive media, even when it's Black Mirror.