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   January 2019

01: New Years robot fun - Eventually the idea is to be able to SSH into my Raspberry Pi from anywhere and tinker with it, seeing what can be achieved with software alone.
02: dead circuit in the wall - When a circuit starts shorting, I am forced to abandon it.
03: until I stressed the box - A feature of an old work electrical box I didn't know about.
04: code like that doesn't want to be understood - Properties the same name as their object and their grand object. Also, forgetting to install a trap when I install the kitchen sink.
05: decadence at the pizza place - After a foggy drive, we treat ourselved to pure pizza gluttony.
06: canine FOMO - Ramona the Dog gets sad when Neville the Dog gets to go with Gretchen to the bookstore. Also: pushing a flexible copper tube through the floor to a hole beneath the kitchen island.
07: worst inclinations for impatience - Coming home to see another layer of a different grey in the kitchen.
08: hyperbolic rat maze comparison - Replacing wooden windows with vinyl might not quite be like the destruction of the old Penn Station.
09: somewhat-pathological predisposition towards self-reliance - Even in the huge world of software libraries I have to whittle my own because the existing stuff sucks.
10: not just someone sticking to a diet - Nothing proves you're truly vegan like the experience of eating a non-vegan burrito.
11: my free time is just too precious - Why I didn't watch a local kids performing Stevie Nicks.
12: how little surprise - The absence of surprises hidden in my genetic profile from 23AndMe.
13: lamp hell - Just about everything bad that can happen did happen with my latest chandelier build.
14: turning into the sort of people - Shiny new replacements for perfectly good kitchen items.
15: blind man who has been fondling an elephant - A simile to describe the hell of my ongoing workplace project.
16: how Gretchen spent much of last night - Not being able to change a tire has its downsides.
17: falafel for lunch - The new guy at work is the only one besides me who seems to be into ethnic food.
18: birthday 23AndMe banter - The new guy at work is the only one besides me who seems to be into ethnic food.
19: falafel for lunch - The new guy at work is the only one besides me who seems to be into ethnic food.
20: little balls of sleet - Hunkering down on a Sunday after a storm that brought lots of sleet. Also, surprising success with Raspberry Pi servo control.
21: tiny window through the glaze - Driving the car without first fully de-icing. Also: success showing sensor data on a Raspberry Pi page that also shows streaming video from the camera.
22: another day without a broken hip - Helping an old lady cross the slush in downtown Red Hook. Also, obsessed with the family annihilation performed by Chris Watts.
23: something I must impose myself - The complexity of migrating Python to an Electron app. Oddly, the Tibetan Center thrift store is closed just before my month-long trip to Costa Rica.
24: a better Waiting for Godot - Gretchen and I see The Band's Visit on our way out of the country.
25: driving to a point on a map - How locations are given these days in Costa Rica. Also, why the need to obscure the concision and precision of decimal latitude/longitude coordinates?
26: La Fortuna and the volcano - Visiting some places around Lake Arenal.
27: the bad roads of the Nicoya Peninsula - On the road to the casita where we will be staying for a month.
28: dudebros in my way - Trying to buy practical items in Montezuma, Costa Rica.
29: upside down popsicles - The tail of the motmot bird. Also, Gretchen hikes up the Montezuma escarpment.
30: coatimundis and howlers pass through - The wildlife continues to come to us.
31: retirement, aging, and illness - From my new 401K to treating an ear infection without access to antibiotics.