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Friday, January 11 2019
At around noon I drove through the bitter cold to the hardware store in Red Hook for still more supplies for the new chandelier. I'd gotten the wrong form of 3/4-to-half-inch copper fittings (I'd gotten "street" on 3/4 side when I needed "non-street" on both). I also got 20 feet of thermostat wire to wire it with; it was smallest reasonably-insulated wire they had in stock. This outing was a welcome relief from the ongoing hell of my endless Electron migration. Today, at least, I moved on to the code that does the final phase of the work that is done, but it introduced a set of complexities in my chimera environment (Angular/Node.js with shared Javascript libraries) that I was unprepared to handle. Then the head honcho (who was out) sent word at 4:00pm that we could all go home early, so I drove home before sunset.
Gretchen had invited me out to a Rock Academy performance in Woodstock celebrating Stevie Nicks, but my free time is just too precious to watch children perform the music of someone I am not particularly crazy about. So I stayed home, drank booze, and watched stuff on the big new teevee in the teevee room. It was nice to just watch YouTube videos that way (I particularly enjoyed one that claimed object oriented programming doesn't actually solve any programming problems). I also watched some more timelines in the experimental choose-your-storyline Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch.

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