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Friday, January 18 2019
Earlier in the week the guy I report to on the (general lack of) progress on this Electron app I've been working on said he wanted to have a meeting today about reasons why the app couldn't just be written as a bunch of SQL bulk inserts from the raw proprietary files they process. I was pretty sure that that strategy just wouldn't work because of the nature of the data, mostly because those proprietary files are more complicated than, say, a single Excel spreadsheet, since they sometimes contain hierarchies of data nested one level deeper than a spreadsheet. So part of my task today was to document this fact so I'd be prepared for the meeting. But 4:40pm came and the meeting never happened, so I left. All I'd eaten today was peanuts and seafood snacks. [REDACTED]

Tomorrow was to be Gretchen's 48th birthday, but since a massive winter storm was headed our way (as often happens on Gretchen's birthday), she'd moved the celebration up a day. Tonight a group of us all met at Gretchen's favorite restaurant, the Garden Café in Woodstock, and we all sat at a long table. Strangely, I was the only one who had brought a gift (that painting I'd painted two days ago). Unusually, there was a Beyond Burger special available, which most of the menfolk (including me) ordered. I also had a glass of the Montepulciano wine, which is a kind of red, and a bowl of surprisingly delicious cream of cauliflower soup. If I could count on the food being so good at the Garden, perhaps I'd be a little less interested in pizza when finding myself in Woodstock. A surprising amount of dinner conversation was about 23AndMe results. Sandor said a trace of Sub-Saharran African had been found in his genome, and, since both of his parents were born in Hungary, this suggests his African ancestor made it to Europe generations ago and successfully left offspring. Eva's results were even odder; 23AndMe had found a trace of Southeast-Asian in her genome, though both her parents have Polish origins. And at 100%, Falafel Cathy turned out to be even more Ashkenazi Jewish than Gretchen, though her husband Roy (who has not had his results done) must be significantly less so because their kid's results came back a little less Ashkenazi Jewish than Gretchen.

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