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Tuesday, January 1 2019 [REDACTED]
On the kitchen project this morning, I managed to cut out a hole in the north face of the new kitchen island for the one outlet that will be on its outside. I then wired it to a new outlet within the island that will deliver power to the sparkers on the gas stovetop. I was extremely neat with the wires, using halved copper tube straps to secure the wires in a gentle arc flattened tight against the inside of the cabinetry. This was all mostly to impress Collin, the professional doing the installation.
I hadn't salvaged any firewood at all yesterday, though in gloom of the late evening I went out with the backpack to that tree I'd cut down a third of a mile from home on the Gullies Trail and brought home one fairly heavy backpack. My right hip was bothering me a little, perhaps from having slipped and fallen down while carrying a load back on Sunday (though that hadn't been a bad fall). Interestingly, it hurt more when I wasn't carrying a load than when I was.
I made some great progress with my Raspberrry-Pi-powered EyeSpy robot. Initially, though, I ran into trouble when the analog pins on the Arduino failed to detect any signals when the AdaFruit servo controller shield was stacked on it. I needed an analog input for the MQ-135 smoke detector. Fortunately, I could just route around that problem for now using a PCF8591 I2C four-channel analog-to-digital converter board. With all that in place, I tried setting up my "robot" on a collar tie high above the woodstove. Unfortunately, though, the WiFi available there (at least for the tiny WiFi dongle I was using) was a bit unreliable, and I couldn't do all the Mars-rover-style telepresence I'd been hoping for. Eventually the idea is to be able to SSH into that thing from anywhere and tinker with it, seeing what can be achieved with software alone.
This evening Gretchen managed to make us spaghetti with soy curls using just the Insta-Pot, yet again proving it possible to make pasta without a colander.

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