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Monday, January 14 2019
I'd taken 100 milligrams of diphenhydramine last night, which is a lot, but pretty typical for me on the nights I take diphenhydramine (aka "Benadryl") at all. Usually this gives me a good night of sleep, though when I wake up it can take a few minutes for the thick layer of rubber to peel from my mind. Today, though, I felt as if I was trapped in a block of rubber all day. Mentally, I definitely wasn't functioning at 100%, and I might've been physically weak as well. I hadn't drunk all that much alcohol last night, so this wasn't a hangover, at least not from booze. Perhaps it was an emotional hangover from all the struggling I'd done with that damn kitchen chandelier. On the drive to work, I expected to be back in tip-top shape once I'd drunk a cup of coffee (since I hadn't had caffeine in over 30 hours), but the coffee had no discernible effect. [REDACTED]
After work, I visited the Home Depot to buy thin-set mortar and grout for use filling in a few new voids in the kitchen floor exposed by the renovation.
Back at the house, I saw that Gretchen had been shopping. She'd bought six new LED Edison-style bulbs for the chandelier (which looked great) as well as variety of kitchen items. We'd had a perfectly good colander and salad spinner, but Gretchen had decided they were ugly and replaced them. I've been a little concerned that, with our new level of income, we're turning into the sort of people who replace perfectly good things prematurely. Hopefully this is all just a phase connected to the kitchen renovation.
For dinner, Gretchen successfully made a yet another pot of noodles using the InstaPot (that is, without the use of a colander).
The house was so cold after a brutally cold day that I just wanted to climb into bed, get under the covers, and watch YouTube videos, which was what I did before it was even 9:00pm. Diane the Cat briefly snuggled with me beneath the covers as well. The cats were liking the way I was thinking.

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