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Wednesday, January 23 2019
Today would be the last day in the workplace for a month. Tomorrow I would be begin my month of being away, mostly in western Costa Rica in a cabin Gretchen had rented for us. It being a Wednesday, I had Ramona with me. I'm still working on the project from hell, but today I was feeling better about it as I refactored some code and found the perfect place to divide things between frontend and backend. Remember, in the original Python, there was no frontend or backend, so that is something I must impose myself based on what is being done.
After work, I grabbed a beer at the Stewart's at the south end of Red Hook and then drove to the Tibetan Center, hoping to hit up the thrift store one last time before the coming month-long absence. But, strangely, the thrift store (and not the rest of the Tibetan Center that've never been in) was closed. That was unusual; it's the kind of place that is open every day from 10am to 6pm every day except Thanksgiving and (maybe) Christmas.

Since Gretchen wanted a laptop of her own for use in composing text (that is, one with a keyboard), I would be bringing an old ThinkPad T61 in addition to my work laptop (an HP Envy). This evening I preloaded a bunch of stuff on that laptop, including movies, music for me, and Gretchen's entire archive of documents.

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