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   bad in a crisis
Thursday, March 12 2020
It was another day of trying to make myself do work in the face of the unfolding of historic events. Donald Trump had given an incoherent and factually-inaccurate address to the nation last night, and the financial markets responded today with the worst market crash since 1987 (something I remember students with trust funds being dismayed about back when I was in college). Donald Trump might work at a demagogue when riding through good times created by his hated predecessor, but Jesus Mohammed God is he bad in a crisis!
Fortunately, my cough was much better today and was down to the way it had been early in my recent illness. I'd get a little tickle and then cough once, dislodging a tiny divot of mucous that I could then just swallow without drawing much attention to myself.
When I came home, I continued the drinking of kratom tea that I'd started at work. Eventually I went out and carried home a few pieces of firewood, which I then processed into stove-sized pieces, ultimately restoring out indoor firewood pile to near maximum capacity. After taking a bath, I took a xanax to help me get to sleep. I keep hoping xanax will give me a recreational experience, but it never does.

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